Track your progress, reachyour goals

Maslife was built on the principle that your health and wealth are intrinsically linked. Take back control by setting your personal banking and fitness goals for a better you. You’ll earn points, get insightful tips, and exclusive discounts, simply by staying on track with healthy routines while you manage your money.

Maslife brings out the best in you

Our AI assistant taps into your behavior patterns, guiding you to fulfill positive and life-affirming goals. It’s the first budgeting and payment app that treats you individually with a personalised and therapeutic approach.

Calm your body, free your mind, control your finances.

Plan budgets, access multi-currency accounts, make bank transfers, spend 150+ currencies with your virtual or premium metal debit card, and much more.

Get personalised insights, coaching in yoga, meditation and more. Reduce stress and keep fit using our in-app step counter.

Earn rewards for achieving your goals, including exclusive discounts at some of your favourite retailers.